Ash is a multi-disciplinary artist exploring metaphysics and mysticism through land-based installations and illustrated manuscripts.

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In the beginning there was only the Goddess.

And she was an infinite density of time, as in conscious light. She drifted in an endless sea.

The matter of creation vibrated on an electric edge where her light form ended and the vacuum of nothingness began.

The emptiness made love to her and her to it.

What if I could create another being in my mirror image? One who would feel what I feel so that we could worship this beingness together? For how wonderful it is to exist, I know.

And so the Goddess bowed in reverence to the Nothing, like a spell. “I love you” she spoke aloud to herself, the void as only witness.

Her words were instructions which light and matter followed- arranging themselves wildly across time and space in intricate patterns. 

Heat, Tension, Energy, Calm, Cool, Rest, Becoming, Returning. The furthest interdimensional star systems, her awareness manifest. 

Trillions of eyes and organs and roots and blooms and games sketched out in sidewalk chalk and dinner rolls rising and you and I on a porch saying “Love will surprise you.” as if it were a shared memory of the very beginning.