In devotion to the divine metaphysical source, Ash channels concepts, inquiries, and material studies on worlds seen and unseen. Their work unfurls as they travel the spiralic patterns of our collective and individual unveiling. Returning, unearthing, opening, and remembering are at the core of their creative practice- revealing information otherwise obscured by time, place, perception.

︎ CV

In a world yearning for intellectual enlightenment and spiritual awakening, I am deeply inspired to question, create, and embrace our collective journey towards a more harmonious and purpose-driven existence.

Within the deep and transformative mountains and waterways of the Lenape peoples, I listen to messages, patterns, and insights revealed at the crossroads of our natural and metaphysical worlds. 

I enter into a conversation with the tangible and the ethereal, exploring new dimensions of existence across macro and micro scales of space and time.