Ash is a multi-disciplinary artist exploring metaphysics and mysticism through land-based installations and illustrated manuscripts.

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Studio Works

‘At the End of the Rainbow’

Quantum Theorem

Experimenting with the intricate relationship between light wave frequencies and the energy centers within our auric bodies.

: Could bathing under a rainbow prism of light induce spiritual and psychological effects?

Hypothesis: Exposing oneself to a spectrum of light waves will prompt the energy centers of the auric body to attune themselves to the frequencies to which they resonate most profoundly. This attunement, holds the transformative power to create harmonious relationships between these energy centers, thereby opening the full channel of energy within.

Auric map of the body 

Isaac Newton’s experiments with prismatic light

‘Light as a Wave: Quantum Insights into the Fluidity of Human Existence’

Quantum Theorem;
Illustrated Manuscript

Quantum insights encapsulated by the double-slit experiment, mirror humanity's innate potential to move akin to light waves across the vast fabric of space and time.

Inquiry: What would happen if the energy in our bodies behaved like light? If light is fixed in time and space when observed, only to transform into a wave-like entity when left unobserved? Drawing parallels to the smallest constituents of physical matter—atomic particles—as manifestations of energy, I pose a hypothesis.

Hypothesis: By releasing the ‘observer’ effect from your own vessel of energetic particulate, you can move outside of linear space/time. Meditation, ecstatic dance, creative flow state, meditation, nature walks, and lucid astral dreaming are some ways in which you can release the internal observer- moving consciously into the uncharted territories of our own energetic potential.

‘Anatomy of a Quark’

Quantum Theorem;

In this visual exploration, I contemplate the intricate patterns and symbiotic relationships within the quantum realm, where the dance of quarks mirrors the cosmic ballet of numbers. Through meticulous visual studies, I seek to illuminate the inherent connection between mathematical elegance and the ecstatic pulse of subatomic energies contained within the number 3/3; 0.999.., as seen in the electrical charge of quarks at either 1/3 or 2/3, respectively.