Love is a Space
2021 / Installed: Konrad Square, Philadelphia, PA

We live in a society where our understandings of care, safety, and intimacy are often misaligned with our authentic wants and needs. These poems offer perspectives of love through the lens of personal sovereignty.

The poems were drawn on fabric, dipped in wax, and fastened to trees.


This work was inspired by the public manifestos of Jenny Holzer, the tender writings of John O’Dononhue, and the attachment trauma work of Psychotherapist Alan Robarge.

2017 / work on paper

2012 / performance on 16mm film / Best Experimental Short Film, iHouse Diamond Screen Film Festival, 2012

A scape
16mm film | single-shot panorama of hand-built miniature set

Woman with Umbrella
2012 / found 8mm film

Inanna’s Labyrinth
2021 / a shape made in sand